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A Gold Medal Book Collection. Every Volume has won at least one Gold Medal from 2002 - 2011 .
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:: Volume 1 - Singapore & Malaysia
Gold Medals APS & ABPS 2002
:: Volume 2 - Dutch East Indies
Gold Medals Singapore & ABPS 2004
:: Volume 3 - Burma, Thailand & Indonesia
Gold Medal Canada 2005 and Gold Medal New Zealand 2007
:: Volume 4 - Hong Kong & China
Large Gold Medal ABPS 2008 & HKSC Webb Cup 2008
:: Volume 5 - The Philippines & Taiwan
Gold Medal Chicagopex 2010
:: Volume 6 - Japan, Korea & Manchuria
Gold Medal Chicagopex 2011 FPHS HCMAL 2013


The special and very substantial Research Library formed over many years, by David Tett, is for sale.

It is a unique collection and contains many out of print, rare and valuable books. A 70+ Page Catalogue has been produced as a Pdf file, with built in search facilities, and is available as a download on this site. You can also ask for a copy of it to be sent to you by email.


Click here for the Research Library Sale Catalogue No. 15 dated 14th February 2015 - if you get a different number or date, then please empty your Browser's cache as you are seeing a previously downloaded edition!

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Research Library Catalogue










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